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5 Essential Qualities Your Lawyer Should Have

Getting into a legal battle with some entity can be daunting. Between the paperwork, court appearances, and legal fees, there is an enormous amount of time and work that goes into filing a suit.

Whether you’ve been thrust into a dispute by someone or you’re serving some justice of your own, the lawyer you choose will either make or break you in the courtroom.

Choosing the right lawyer doesn’t have to be difficult, but you may not even know where to start. These five essential qualities your lawyer should have are some quick tips for finding the best lawyer to represent you.


Lawyers are in the business of debate. If your lawyer is speaking over your head or unable to articulate their point to you, how well do you think they will do convincing a judge and jury?


It will quickly become evident upon your first meeting with a lawyer whether or not they are listening to you. By not listening they could be missing out on crucial details of your situation. After meeting with your lawyer if you don’t feel heard it’s time to find someone else.


Your lawyer should have the insight and decisiveness to inform you of your best course of action. When tough choices are presented and your lawyer is on the fence this will only add to your stress, not alleviate it.


Don’t be shy about asking for references. A good lawyer will have many clients and cases available that clearly show their merit.


The practice of law is all about working with people. You should feel comfortable with your lawyer, and they should be personable toward you. Having this with your lawyer is essential to establishing a positive working relationship.

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