Dangerous and Defective Products

Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South is committed to holding manufacturers responsible for placing unsafe products on the market.

Product manufacturers and distributors have a responsibility to make sure their products are reasonably safe and that the packaging adequately warns consumers about any potential dangers. Unfortunately, defective products harm thousands of people each year in the United States. Victims of defective products may be able to file a product liability claim to recover compensation for their injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering.

At the law firm of Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South, our lawyers have the experience and resources to pursue your product liability claim and obtain the maximum compensation you deserve for your losses. We will review the details of your claim, help to determine whether the product in question is defective and if it is in your best interest to file a claim against the manufacturer.

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Examples of Defective Products

PA-dangerous-and-defective-products3Our firm, founded in 1986 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, has handled product liability claims featuring a wide range of defective products, including:

  • Defective Medical Devices (i.e. Transvaginal Mesh Failure, DePuy Hip Repair and Stryker Hip Repair)
  • Defective Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
  • Auto Defects, Air Bag Malfunctions and Rollover Accidents
  • Defective Machinery

Any product that is unreasonably dangerous could be considered defective, including products that were poorly manufactured or have a faulty design. A product can also be considered defective if there are not adequate warnings about potential dangers or if those warnings are not clearly marked.

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