Car Insurance and Injury Claims

Common Misconceptions About Car Insurance and Injury Claims Busted

Car accidents do not happen by intention or prior notice. It hits you unexpectedly. Most of the time, you are not the guilty party but the victim of the other driver’s fault. But not only you suffer serious injuries, your car also needs intensive care and repair. This is the time you look at your car insurance to seek compensation from the injured party.  

Often you find your car insurance company rejecting your claims or not giving you adequate compensation. While we may blame them, we cannot shy away from our fault as well. We tend to trust only the insurance agent and but forget to consult a reputable and trustworthy Lake Charles auto wreck lawyer like those from Lundy Lundy Soileau & South, LLP. Here, we look at some of the common misconceptions and bust them from the experienced auto wreck lawyer, Lake Charles’ point of view.  

  • Myth 1. The other party’s car insurance company will advance the cost of my damages if I am not at fault.  

This is completely wrong. According to the experienced car wreck lawyers, the guilty party’s insurance company is not required to nor is bound by any law to advance you any amount for your car repair, your medical expenses or any other out of pocket costs. They will only pay for your car damages to an extent as stipulated in their insurance contract. Under very rare circumstances, they might pay a few costs upfront but are not obligated to do so. Generally, they have a 30-day window to pay to fix your car.  

  • Myth 2: Regardless of the insurance coverage I carry, the guilty party’s insurance company will pay for all the damages if I am innocent.  

This is also a myth that holds no water. Every state requires all vehicle owners to carry a certain minimum amount of coverage. Anything greater than that is the choice of the car owner. More often, the minimum coverage amount is not even sufficient to pay even the smallest of personal injury and car wreck claims. You are also likely to encounter people who may drive recklessly but have no insurance at all, as Louisiana has one of the highest uninsured motorist rates in the country.  

The auto wreck lawyers in Lake Charles also points to another excellent observation. Despite all advertisements and tall claims, while the insurance company is your best friend when of receiving your premiums, Dr. Jekyll transforms in the blink of an eye into Mr. Hyde the moment you make a claim. They try to pass on the fault on you and pay as minimum amount as possible regardless of whether it is sufficient or not. It is truly devastating to find at the time of a crisis that the insurance company is paying you cut-rate coverage.  

While you cannot force individuals to purchase adequate coverage or drive cautiously; you can certainly look after your interests. You might consider consulting with a Lake Charles auto wreck lawyer before purchasing insurance, as they can help you understand your true liability and what’s at stake.  

  • Myth 3. The insurance company will compensate for my damages fairly, and I will not need an attorney. 

Many people think of consulting or hiring an attorney, an extra expense. Often, they realize their mistake when it is too late to make amends. You need to remember that insurance is also a business,  and insurance carriers responsibility is to make a profit. But a lawyer with experience will fight and negotiate with them for your interests and make sure that you get your justified claim. If you do not have an attorney; you are ripe picking for the insurance company, and you would almost always be paid less than your rightful compensation.  

Wrapping up

The above points make it evident how important it is to seek the services of a car wreck lawyer, Lake Charles when involved in an accident. Lawyers from Lundy Lundy Soileau & South, LLP are your ultimate partners whose service can prove truly invaluable for you every step of the way. 

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